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the hidden treasures

Do you enjoy walking where most people don't find their way? Or maybe you want to have a guide on your hike?

Then we have a couple of very nice tours to show you! These are easy, nice tours, also very suitable for kids. 

One is to the rock Hulabakksteinen, where we tell the legend about the man named Hulabakken. The kids can climb into the rock where Hulabakken were hiding as he was  chased by the sheriff. 


The other one is to the beautiful mountain farm named Vabakko, fare into the mountains. The foundations are still standing, and we tell you the story about the family who lived here for several years at the end of the 19th century. This tour is easy to walk, but still exciting, as we cross the river Smådøla. 

Both these tours take us through the valley Smådalen, which in it self is worth a visit!

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