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the most popular tours,
and the hidden treasures
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Your favorite tour. Your choice.  

We gladly share our best tips, so that you get exactly the tour you whish.

We can also take you to the hidden treasures, which are not easy to find on your own.

summit for
small feet

The rock Hallingsteinen is the favorit among the kids. The huge rock is visible all the way. And who reaches it first?

the landmark Grindafjell

This hike is a fairytale. You get everything: soft ground turning into steep hills, and at the end a fantastic view!

Nice family tour!

alpine and wild


Rankonøse is one of the most alpine mountains south of the mountain area Jotunheimen.
This trip is for experienced hikers, with steep uphill, and breathtaking view from the top!

the hidden treasures

What about visiting and old farm fare into the mountains, where only the foundations are left? Or the legendary rock Hulabakksteinen, where the kids can climb inside... 

the fascinating

valley Smådalen

The valley Smådalen is a long valley with moreins from the ice age. Thus parts of it is  protected. You can drive through the valley just to enjoy the view, or chose between an outnumber of tours. 

the King's Road   Filefjell

This beautiful road from the 18th century has got both the national "Beautiful Road Award" and the international "Europa Nostra Awards".  

the popular 


Many of our guests travel to the famous mountain area Jotunheimen before or after a stay at our cabin. 


family friendly

If you are staying at our farm, Hugakøllin is a perfect trip, either as a day trip with children, or a quick trip for adults. 

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