summit for small feet

rock hallingsteinen

The children's favoritt - as for many adults

A short car trip, and then the tour begins: a nice trip with jumps and bounce, curiosity and joy.

The big rock Hallingsteinen is visible all the way. The rock is big, and if you are good at climbing, you can climb on the top. The tour takes about 1,5 hours one way for a 4-5 years old used to hiking. The ice left the rock here thousands of hears ago.


The legend says that a man from the valley Hallingdal on his way to Vang was surprised by a terrible storm, and was chased by wolfs. He saved his life by climbing up on this rock. People from the valley Hallingdal are called "Halling", thus the name "Halling-rock". There are no wolves in Vang now, so people enjoy this trip without any chance of getting chased.