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Good traditions 

Including the kids in work and traditions, is maybe some of the most meaningful things we do. 


moutain farming

As the generations before us, we still go to the mountains evry summer - a tradition we are proud of continuing. 

We stay for six weeks, and milk the cows twice a day. In the old days, cheese, butter and other dairy products were made here. 

Nowadays the milk car collects the milk three times a week, and is a popular happening in modern farming.

In the 1960's there were about  50 active mountain farms at Helin. Today we are two left.


Mountain farming is way of farming which has got increased attention the last years. It is even possible that mountain farming will be included on the Unesco World Heritage List! 


local food

Clean food is important. Animals who have had a good life gives us good milk and meat. So easy and so important. 

With the good mountain gras the milk is extra rich on nutrients and taste. We use it to drink and in food such as soup and bread. 

During summer we also have pigs. The pig is a social and nice animal, who can be taught as much as a dog. It is sad to send them to the slaughter, but it is nice to know that the food we  eat has had a good life. And the taste is quite much better that what you buy in the supermarket

We make our own salami, grow potatoes, hunt moose, fish and love to pick  mushrooms and berries. This way we are as much self-sufficient as possible, which is our contribution to a sustainable environment.


walking the cows

In Norwegian we have a word for walking the cows from one place to another; cattle walk.  

We take some of our cows up to the summer farm. We have over hundred cows and calfs, and can not bring all of them.

The cows love the time in the mountains, chilling at the fields, enjoying the fresh and rich mountain grass. 

When we move back down to the valley, we walk with the cattle. It is a nice trip of about one hour, and a nice way to end a long summer at the mountain farm. The cows are also happy to move down again and meet the herd that stayed home during the summer. 

If you visit during this period, you are of course welcome to join us at this trip.

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