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If we in advance had understood how beautiful this place is, we would have stayed longer!

That is what our guests at our summer farm are telling us. Pictures can never show the real beauty of a place. The experienc starts with the feelings, when you are here.  


You are welcome to our mountain farm at Helin! Being here is good for both young and adults. You get a very special feeling of calmness. Your shoulders lower, and your kids get very creative.  

As our guest, you can take part in the milking if you want to. Our cows are used to children, and love to be around people. Taking part in the cowshed is a special experience. Getting this close to animals does something to you.


A cow is a big animal, but she is kind and during milking, she stands still and enjoys getting milked. The fresh milk is incredibly rich on taste. You can enjoy it for breakfast and use it in cooking. Both soups and sauces taste extra good made on this milk, and waffles made on campfire are our favorite.

The mountain farm is our most loved place! It is placed in the mountains, consisting of a traditional cabin for us, a smaller cabin for our guests, and a cowshed for the animals. We stay here during summer, to utilize the mountain gras. The fields down in the valley where we have our main farm is then used for growing gras, which is winter food for the cattle. 

Moutain farming is an over 1000 year old tradition. Today, only a few mountain farms are still in use. Thus we are extremely happy for being a part of this tradition - and for sharing it with you!

The animals are also enjoying the time in the mountains. The increased amount of fat in the milk is the proof for this. The mountain gras is extra rich on herbs. It is at its best until end of July, so it is crucial to get up here as early in the summer as possible.

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