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welcome to stay at the mountain farm


We have a small cabin where you can stay for two nights or as long as you want to, all year round. The cabin is small and cosy, high roofed and rich on charm. Have you ever just sat down and listened to the silence? Here you have the chance. 

The area is extremely beautiful. The experience with a mountain farm in use is unforgettable: the mountains, the people and the animals do something with you. We have had guests from all over the world. The feedback is unambiguous, from Americans, Norwegians, British, Chineese, French, Germans, Austrailans and Canadians: it is a relief to experience the power of the simple! 


You easily book your stay on AirBnB on your preferred dates, and get your booking confirmed immediately. 

Or you can send us an email if you prefer. 


The cabin is small, but with good room feeling, due to the high sealing and light. There is a sleeping room, and a combined kitchen and living room. Outside there is a veranda with garden furniture and a fire place. Our guests enjoy sitting around the fire place throughout the long, bright summer nights, and in the winter, it is cozy to barbeque and warm yourself by the fire.

The cabin has a food basement and fridge, and a gas stove for cooking. There is one double bed and three single beds. The cabin is perfect for a family of three or four, and many of our guests come in groups of five. All leave the place very pleased.

All year around there are an outnumber of possible activities: biking, hiking, skiing, bathing, fishing, barbeque, playing… You will guaranteed not get bored! 

skisse hytta.png

price for the cabin

  • nok 1050,- pr night, up to 5 Persons

rent of bed linen and towels: nok 150,- pr person

included in the price 

  • fire wood, gas, candles, matches, toilet paper

  • soap, dish towels, dish cloth, 

  • all equipment you need to make food, tea and cofee

  • games, cards, yatzy, some childrens books and toys

  • grandma's knitted house shoes 

  • blankets, pillows, duvets

  • flash lights to use inside the cabin

  • water

you must bring

  • clothes; from bikini to wool and wind proof

  • food: all you wish to eat and drink

  • coal if you wish to bbq

  • bed linen and towels, or you can rent (see above)

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