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Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions we get.

If you do not find what you are looking for then just send us a message - we look forward to hearing from you!

We are only 3.5 hours from Oslo and less than 4 hours from Bergen.
If you sit in the car at 9, you are there until it's time for lunch. It's worth the trip.
The beautiful Kingsroad over Filefjell goes right past the farm, and 30 min by car up to Filefjell. If you are going on to walk in Jotunheimen, Tyin is about 30 min away, Beitostølen 45 min.


To the farm: 1.5 km from the E16.

To the mountains: It is definitely easiest to get there by car, then you drive all summer long all the way to the cabin, and winter time to the winter parking. The boom costs NOK 80 and takes a card. In winter there is a fee for parking per day. We help with ordering scooter transport, if desired.

You can also come by bus, and agree with us that we will pick you up at the bus stop in Vang (nok 400,- one way). For timetables, see Nor-Way , the stop here is "Grindaheim (Vang)".


At the summer farm: You can borrow a boat from us if we are present, and if you are used to using a boat and wearing a life jacket. The landowners' association also has a boat for rent. Ask us and we will help you.


Coop Prix in Vang is the nearest grocery store, and has these opening hours .


At the farm: You can buy a fishing license for Vangsmjøsa at the grocery store, and at

At the summer farm: You can buy a fishing license with cash or sms at the fish box, about 800m from the cabin. Then you can fish with rod and otters, from land and from a boat. Do you want to rent a boat; see "boat".

Both Vangsmjøsa and in Helin are popular fishing lakes, well-cultivated lakes, where you fish trout of around half a kilo and upwards.

Drinking water

At the farm: very good water from its own spring.
At the summer farm: ordinary mountain water from a stream, and this tastes absolutely delicious. It may contain some debris, but for most people, it goes perfectly well. If you want, you can boil the water and cool it down before drinking it.

Light source

At the farm: electricity.
At the summer farm: candles and battery lights are the thing, and create exactly the atmosphere you should have in the mountains! There areplenty of light and battery in the cottage. But feel free to bring a headlamp!


At the farm: fully equipped kitchen, with hob and stove, and also a wood stove. BBQ outside. 
At the summer farm: here you cook the food on a gas burner or fire pan. Both gas and firewood are at the cottage and included in the price. 

Bicycle rental

Contact us if you wish to rent a bicycle, and we will help you.

Ski rental

Contact us if you wish to rent ski equipment, and we will help you.

Cross-country ski trails

The area in Vang offers great ski slopes and the closest are Grindafjell ski (10 minutes by car) and Åsvang and Slettefjell ( 15 minutes by car).


Information about alpine slopes you find at Tyin / Filefjell.

Did not find what you are looking for? Send us a message - we look forward to hear from you!

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